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Create, Keep and Grow Your Digital Signage User Base

Grow Your Digital Signage User Base

Everyone wants to attract Users and keep them. Everyone wants to build bigger and bigger digital signage networks. We get it. And we have heard you loud and clear that you want more ways to accomplish this, while reinforcing your brand and message. With our latest release we have given you a few more tools to make this happen.

You can now specify your own login link and bypasses the standard Rise Vision page. No more Rise branding. Not that we think that is a bad thing, just that you might like yours, more than ours. And you can go even further with your login and specify whether or not new Users can sign up and join your Network automatically if they haven't already registered.

To make this happen create a Rise Vision login link on your website, or just about anything that allows a URL link to be embedded, and that link should point to a URL that looks like this:{CompanyId}

Where CompanyID is equal to that crazy ID that appears to the right of the Rise Vision application URL as shown, albeit in a blurry way, below.

Everything that logs in must, eventually, log out. And what better place to check up on your Users than at the exits of the building. Metaphorically speaking. You can now specify a Logout URL that your Users will land on each and every time they logout of our open source digital signage software platform. Some ideas for what to do with this page? Redirect them back to your main web site so that they can learn the latest and greatest that your company has to offer. Ask them if everything is okay and if they need any support help? Nudge them to share the love and tell their friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and just about any social network site you can think of, all about you. Showcase you latest creative content. Offer them more services... You get the idea.

And to make it easier to add Users to your Network who may have previously registered with Rise Vision, but who now want you to manage and service their network, we have added a "Move a Company" function to your Company settings page. Click it and enter the Authentication Key of the Company that you want moved to your Network, hit confirm, and voila, they are all yours to manage. Just remember they need to give you the Authentication Key, you don't have access to it until they are under your Network.

As always if you have any thoughts, questions, praise, ideas, or are just feeling lonely and want to shout out, jump into our forum and you will be heard.

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