User Tips and Tricks - Changing Image Resolutions to Fit Your Digital Signage Presentation

October 17, 2011

How many times have you had an image that you want to add to your Presentation, but it just doesn't fit the Placeholder? Even when you choose "Scale to Fit" for your Image, you still get black bars on the sides or on the top and bottom. Basically, your image looks like this when it is in your Presentation:

The way to fix this is to change the resolution of your image to fit the Placeholder you want it to go into. This doesn't jut apply to images either, videos will also suffer the same issue so you should make sure they are the correct resolution for the Placeholder you mean to play them in.

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Editing the resolution of an image is super easy, and the tool I am using for this example is a freeware tool called irFanview. Open your image in IrFanview, and from the Edit menu, select Resize/Resample. Enter the resolution of your Placeholder that you want this image to fit into.  For my example, my background Placeholder is 1360x768, so this is what I will make my image:

Once I upload my image to my repository, I add it into my Presentation instead of my older one which didn't fit, and voila, now I have it how I want it to look:

I hope you find this useful when editing your own images, and if you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the forum. Thanks!