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User Tips and Tricks - Google Docs Presentations

User Tips and Tricks - Google Docs Presentations

One of our most visited forum discussions is how to get PowerPoint into our free digital signage software. While there are some great Powerpoint to HTML5 converters that I will be discussing in a future post, I would recommend checking out the updated Google Docs Presentations. Check out my newest Google Doc Presentation here.

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Several new slide animations have been added, allowing you to apply fade in/out or slide in/out animation to individual items in a slide, like text bullet points or images. That annoying border is still at the bottom of the Presentation, but there is a super easy way to hide it that I explain below.

To set the autostart, loop and slide advancing options, click on File, then Publish to the Web. In there, you will see all those options.

Getting your Google Doc Presentation into a Rise Vision Presentation is relatively easy, AND you can fit it to your Placeholder's exact resolution.When you click Publish to the Web, you will see some Embed code. Copy that embed code into a notepad document, and modify the height and width values to match your Placeholder. To hide that annoying banner at the bottom of the Presentation, make the height 20 pixels higher than your Placeholder. Save it as an HTML file, and upload it to your online repository. Put the link to that HTML file into the URL Gadget in a Presentation, and you are good to go.

I hope everybody found this information useful, and if you have any questions, let us know in the forum. Thanks!

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