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Add the Web to Your Digital Signage Presentations

add the web to your digital signage presentations

As always I am really happy when we release new stuff, but this time is different, even better, this time it proves that what we set out to create - a community driven and inspired product development cycle - is actually working.

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A while back someone mentioned in the forum that they wanted to be able to embed and schedule web pages in their Presentations. I liked the idea but I knew what our development path looked like and I just couldn't see how it could fit. So I said great idea, we will add it to the list and as everyone knows the list is pretty long so even I have to admit that this is a pretty lame answer. BUT, Alex, a developer, was watching, and he let me know that he felt strongly that we should do it now and that he had code that could make it easy. YES! I shut up and got out of the way.

Today, I would like to let you know that the community has asked, development has championed, and a new gadget is born - the Rise Vision URL Gadget.

As always this is an open source project and we encourage you to take the code and use it in any way that you would like to. And please, keep up the feedback on the forum, it works!

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